• Lubricates leather
• Imparts Softness
• Promotes Selection Upgradation
• Low Cost
• French Technology!
• Global Leather Innovation
• Grade Upselling!
CHEMI-TAN with its comprehensive range of leather chemicals and to spear head this, we offer the global leather sector a revolutionary range of Syntans formulated with the complete absence of FORMALDHYEDE.
HIGHLY competitive Prices for Indian market!
CHEMI-TAN is in the forefront in research of leather processing chemicals to meet all futuristic global demand in an eco-friendly manner.
CHEMI-TAN is a global brand to look for in the leather processing sector, offering solace to all your challenges in the art & science of leather making. We invite every-one to join hands with us to realize the future of “CRADLE-TO-CRADLE” approach to leather, for better sustainability.